Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Son Just Graduated from Prep in Homeschool

My son just finished prep school, at home. Yeah, you read it right. My wife's his teacher, most specifically his home school teacher. A few days ago he graduated or "moved up" along with other home school kids of the Catholic Filipino Academy, the home school provider.

My son poses with Bo Sanchez during the Moving Up Day (photo courtesy of Rene Espinosa, a fellow home school parent)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Give P1 Billion to Your Child

I can do something in the next five years, and nothing after that, which will then give my two kids close to P1 Billion each by the time my son turns 57 and my daughter turns 52.They can then retire and just do whatever they want with that money.

Unbelievable? Bo Sanchez has taught me something mind-blowing today.

I did my own calculations on MS Excel. What I found was I can put P5,000 every month, consistently for the next five years, into stocks that grow 20% per year on average. I then leave the money there until they grow to P1.8 billion 45 years after.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing Your Family

My wife's smile warms my heart everytime I come home in the evening. I see my wife in the kitchen taking care of food. My son shouts, "Yehey" and run towards me to ride on my back (yes, even before I'm able to put down my computer bag). Then upon seeing that, my daughter comes to let me carry her in my arm (note, that's singular, coz my other arm supports my son at my back.)

Get the picture? I have kind of gotten used to that.

But once upon a time my mother-in-law in the province was sick and my wife was visiting her. Eighty-year olds needed more time and attention that we would like to think, and so my wife extended her time there to bring her mother to a doctor. I wanted my wife to do that. My mother-in-law was (and is) a very nice and supportive woman. I was so blessed. She deserved the time and attention. The least I could do was let my wife do her duty.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm back to Blogging! (Again ^_^)

Hey I'm back :) It has been more than a month since my last blogging post. That's long. When I put up this blog, I wanted to build a habit of posting once or twice a week. That takes focus and real will power; not because it's difficult, but because blogging isn't something you do with your kids around.

When I'm unable to blog, that's because I'm busy doing some real parenting work at home, after my work in business and service. (That's actually a lame excuse, hehe).

Thank God tonight I rediscovered my passion for singing. Singing felt like it was the only thing I love at home that I could do with my rowdy kids around. Reading a book? Nah! Watching a  movie? Nah! Blogging? All the more, nah! nah! nah!

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