Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jump! And the Net Will Appear

"Jump! And the Net Will Appear" -- That's the title of a book I read a few years back in time. It's also a title that roughly describes what I just went through the last two months. That explains a pause in my posting.

"Star Jump" by Stuart Anthony

To cut my recent story short, I have seen that a business venture that I have spent time on has not been working. It has been either that the business concept has been the problem, or our marketing approach has failed or perhaps I simply wasn't suited for it. I don't know. I have simply acknowledged that I need to move on.

That has not been an easy decision. It has involved letting go of a lot of things and adopting lots of things new. While being in the stage of transition, it has been like in the middle of a sea. You wonder which island in the horizon would welcome you, and which ones are inhabited by cannibals.

So, I just followed my heart!

As it is, I'm aggressively studying online marketing techniques and getting online jobs. This action, strangely, led me back to real estate investing. I stopped doing this four years ago after a well-publicized incident.

After being hit by a hammer on my head, suddenly I see no reason why I should continue cowering in fear instead of fighting back and renew my bid for success in the real estate business. This incidentally would require expertise in online marketing. So, go figure.

Now, I am doing real estate with Trace Trajano as my mentor. I am participating in an Apprentice Challenge with a team of young and aggressive partners. For the online marketing component of this venture, I have Jomar Hilario as my mentor.

Here's our Facebook Page:

Here's our Website:

At the end of the day, this is all about me and my family. If I have to set the right example for my kids, I must pursue my passion so that they would pursue theirs. If I have to achieve my dreams for my family, then I must be doing things that I'm fully passionate about.

At this stage of my life I feel that I am guided by the Spirit. This is the same Spirit that tells me to stay the course, to be patient, to keep my faith in my generous Creator and to have fun, for I am already walking along the path He has prepared for me. So indeed I walk and the path appears.

Or, as the book I read says, I jump and the net will appear.

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