Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Fantastic 2011 Family Vacation

The last two weeks have been hectic and exciting for my family. Sponsors in my big family took me, my wife and my kids to a two-week big family vacation that included trips in Cebu, Bohol, Camiguin, Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro City.

Some of the places we visted

I have summarized the places we visited in the diagram above. It was a mix of air, land and sea travel. There were lots of sight-seeing, fun photos, swimming and snorkeling. I'll be blogging about each of them in greater detail in future posts.

Though it was a fast-paced vacation, it was very fulfilling. We were able to experience a lot of things as a big family with the limited time we had. When we arrived home, our skins were darker but our smiles were brighter.

My wife took this photo of me and my kids at NAIA Terminal 3 upon our arrival

Too bad I was not feeling well since Day 1 of the vacation. But I was able to carry my body well enough to enjoy it. Others in the family got colds and fever too. Maybe I brought the virus to them :)

Anyhow, the vacation has given me more than just time with my big family. It has also given me a fresh look at the beauty of the country, the Philippines.


Marvin Macatol


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