Monday, October 31, 2011

I’ve blogged passionately about parenting stuff in 2008 and 2009. Then it stopped.

Today, 30 months later, the blog’s still here and I’m not. Well, until a few moments ago, that is.

The stillness of chaos by Darwin Bell

What happened in between was a story by itself. We long for the day when we would tell the world about it. Suffice it to say at this moment that never had our marriage and family been as strong, oozing with love and full of adventures.

It’s great to see this old blog like a home I haven’t been to for the last 30 months. From this day on, the blogging goes on.

Far in contrast to where I was when I started this blog, I’m now a work-at-home Dad and my wife is a work-at-home Mom. Our kids are study-at-home kids (thanks to the homeschooling system). Life is absolutely good, eh?

I’m typing this blog at 3:22pm of a Monday. Well, incidentally, today is a holiday, but this could have been any other Monday and I’d be blogging at this hour of the day and in this day of the week. Life is absolutely good, eh?

As I blog, I’m listening to instrumental music by Yanni while wearing shorts and T-shirt. I can hear my kids playing downstairs while I can smell what my wife’s cooking. Tomorrow, we will be off to a long drive and back the next day. Life is absolutely good, eh?

In the latter half of the past 30 months I have share our story to selected groups. I have received my share of thanks from people who got inspired by our story.

Well, it’s an ongoing story and we would love to share each episode to people.

After all, we draw our inspiration from other people too. Inspiration is an energy that we receive and send. By doing so, we draw the essence of life closer to ourselves.

What did I just say?

Well, having just drifted to unintelligible words is a sign for me to stop tapping my keyboard and click the ‘Publish’ button.

Have a great day!

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